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Reviews about interior design studio BALCONY

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    Zablotskaya Ivanna

    Project 230

    I am grateful to Katya and the whole project team for helping to make our nest so beautiful and cozy. When we approached Ekaterina, I never expected that the apartment would turn out so beautiful.

    We decided to make a kitchen-living room, we wanted to connect the kitchen, the working area and the recreation area. We managed to expand the space, fit everything we needed and even more. I really wanted the kitchen-living room to be bright and cozy – Katya made it so. When she showed the project, of course I was happy, but when we decided to make a photo shoot together with the studio and I saw from the outside how this design project was realized in my apartment, I cried with happiness.

    Everything is done elegantly, evenly. I liked the way the designer used geometric ornamentation for the walls in the living room. In the children's room, Katya decided to divide the sleeping places with a partition, designating a personal space. Catherine made it functional, it is a closet. Inside the shelves, drawers, there you can put toys. The space is divided evenly, so that children do not resent because of the injustice that someone has more space, and someone has less. The area for games remained common. The colors in the room the designer chose soft, pastel colors, and I liked them right away.

    In general, everything was thought out to the smallest detail so that the furniture was not only beautiful, but also functional and comfortable. Among the huge selection of materials, finishes and furniture, Catherine was able to find something that we immediately liked. I would like to thank Katya Astapova, a professional in her field.

    December 2023

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    Ildar and Galina

    Project 344

    When my husband and I came to the studio, our designer asked us to show pictures of interiors that we liked, but I didn't have any special wishes at the time. Now I realize how difficult it was for Anastasia to hit the mark with the design project. We did not have a single edit, we liked the project immediately, all materials we chose from the availability, but we managed to find almost everything that is indicated on the visualizations. We are delighted with the colorful lights, the feeling of lightness and spaciousness - it turns out that's exactly what I wanted!

    December 2022

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