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Art Dubai 2024. The main.


Art Dubai is increasingly mastering new technologies and in 2024 included 4 sections — Art Dubai Contemporary, Bawwaba, Art Dubai Modern and Art Dubai Digital.

Young artists from the UAE are moving galleries, for example, Afra Al Daheri at the Green Art Gallery and Rand Abdul Jabbar at Lori Shabibi. Galeria Tabari Artspace, which mainly showcased Arab artists, signed a contract with a number of young artists, including Maita Abdullah, Halel Al Lamki and the Palestinian London-based Aihaidar.

Christie's also starts auctions in Dubai, which were canceled in 2019 due to falling demand. Last year, they held an online sale, and the main works were shown in an observation hall in Dubai, where the sales figure was 93%. This year, the sale will again be preceded by an online exhibition of the main works in Dubai. The main cast will be represented by artists from the Middle East, the bulk of the rest of the works will be from the countries of the Global South.

The Art Dubai Modern section, which, as a rule, attracts the most critical attention, is a collection of works of art after World War II, learned as a result of secular-Arab world exchange.

The section describes how the Soviet Union established cultural ties with regions such as the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Many artists participated in cultural exchange programs with the Soviet Union during the Cold War era.

We are sharing with you the artworks noted by the curator of the Contemporary Art section in Dubai, Christianna Bonin, Associate Professor of Art History at the American University of Sharjah, which will undoubtedly interest collectors.

Farhad Khalilov's street scenes and landscapes, devoid of any obvious plot or event, force viewers to focus on the cool colors of the sea evening.

Marcos Grigoryan (Untitled 1979, Leila Heller Gallery) mainly using earth and straw, rather than oil paint, canvas or other traditional European art materials, created minimalist works from modest materials. His experiments with soil and found objects are related to the desert and local building materials of Iran, where he spent his formative years as an artist. The simple square format became his signature composition, a shape that allowed the artist, who moved between Armenia, Russia, the United States and Iran, to create serenely balanced and mundane objects.

Chandragupta Tenuvara's painting, Mother and Child (1998), presented by Saskia Gallery Fernando, is based on the archetype of mother and child of Orthodox icons, but instead of the traditional golden background, the artist adds camouflage — a recognizable motif hinting at the use of camouflaged barrels at military checkpoints during the Sri Lankan Civil war. The hidden face of the child, pressed against the mother's chest, reflects the safe world of mother and child, however, disturbed by the images of weapons in the background.

Galeria Zavier, known as the galleries in Ramallah and Dubai, brought the works of three Palestinian scientists. Among them are vivid reproductions of watermelons — a widely recognized and widespread symbol of the Palestinian resistance — by the Ramallah artist Khaled Hourani. The last outflow is made for $ 2,800, so tickets for the concert of the second VIP day (February 29) were received.

"In addition to viewing art objects to form private collections, we always visit art fairs in order to predict how art can be integrated into interiors, because most often we are approached for art selection service not only by owners of private interiors, but also commercial ones. In the Art Contemporary hall, sculpture was main attraction in combination with coloristics and technique in painting. This gives the interior the right volume, accents and makes it unique, original, these are the interiors we create"- says Maryana Sorokina, pr director of the BALCON studio in Dubai and art historian. Sculptures made of ceramics by Reinat Sadimba, made of wood with the constitutive artist Chaouki Choukini, Green Art Gallery and sculptures made of metals in color in collaboration with the watercolor work of Sati Guin – versatile and at the same time give personality to any interior.

Hassan Mannan's numerous panels of leather and metal, GVCC Gallery, will personally fit into the interior with collectible design objects, an extravagant addition for the midcentury style interiors.

As for integration into the digital art space, this is not only possible, but also gives it a completely different mood. It's as if something is happening in space without your participation. It's a pretty interesting feeling. Of course, this solution is not for everyone, but such art objects can become a unique diamond in the cut of your unique interior.

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